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ProAcústica | Associate and steps for affiliation

ProAcústica is thankful for the company’s interest in becoming an Affiliated Associate. We request the observance of the following steps of the affiliation process:

1st | Filling out the “Associate” Request Form;

2nd | The request goes through the approval of the Board of Directors and Charter Members Committee, according to the entity’s Statute;

3rd | A “Commercial Proposal” will be sent to the interested company with the values of the associative contributions (defined according to the company’s profile and the annual gross revenue informed on the form), annuity period, forms of payment and trade policy. In it will be the Rights & Duties (according to the Statute), the benefits of the associated companies and various forms of sponsorship so the associate will stand out on promotional actions;

4th | “According” document for signatures, definition of the form of installment, form of payment and sending of the company’s logo, jpg version. Subsequently to the proof of payment of the associative contribution the Associated Company Seal is sent and the factsheet is disclosed with the company’s logo and a part of the information provided in the “Associate” form, in the website’s affiliated associates area.


  • AtenuaSom
  • OWA Brasil
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