Affiliated associates


ProAcústica | Profile of the companies and Affiliated Associate professionals

The associate categories are charter members, regular members and distinguished members.

The associates in the "Affiliated" category are companies or professionals characterized by:

| Builder and incorporator;
| Installation and distribution company;
| Acoustic products manufacturing company;
| Architecture and engineering office;
| Laboratory;
| Freelancer;
| Project and acoustic consulting.

The admission of new Affiliated Associates is made upon forwarding of the “Associate” to be approved by the Board of Directors and Charter Members Committee, once the following has been observed:

| To have contributed in a proven manner, from the effective beginning of the business activity or professional dedication, for the dissemination of products, equipment and systems, with Acoustic application;

| If a legal entity, to have been duly constituted, to be legally existent and to be in a regular situation, duly licensed and qualified to fulfill its social goals


  • OWA Brasil
  • AtenuaSom
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