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ProAcústica | Brazilian Association for Acoustical Quality

ProAcústica Brazilian Association for Acoustical Quality is a nonprofit civil entity with the purpose of congregating companies and professionals looking to develop Applied Acoustic in Brazil, a field that also covers the Science of Vibrations and, promoting to the whole of society, the importance of acoustic quality in the buildings and the environment, as a well being and public health issue.

The association has the mission of spreading the benefits of the acoustic solutions in civil construction as primary factor for the comfort and health of the users whether at home, at work or any other urban space, as well as a sustainability factor of the enterprises and the environment.

The tripod that guides the association’s actions contemplates:

| Technology | Working in favor of well being.
| Life quality | Comfort and health for everyone.
| Sustainability | Respect for life, the human being and the planet.


  • Armstrong
  • Prima Ferragens
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