InterNoise 2020: Noise pollution in São Paulo: actions towards public policies

Título | Noise pollution in São Paulo: actions towards public policies

Resumo | In Brazil, we do not have a public policy to environmental noise management, which is essential to avoid the adverse effects of noise pollution on citizens. To develop a national policy, a strategic noise map for diagnosing usually is the first action. Until this moment, only two noise maps have been carried out by public administration, and noise action plans are rare. Looking forward to stimulating noise policies, the Brazilian Association for Acoustical Quality – ProAcustica – has worked since 2011 to articulate different public administration levels, sharing noise mapping knowledge and conducting studies to propose a noise map methodology adequate for Brazil. The elaboration of the São Paulo’s Noise Map was discussed in three annual conferences (2014/15/16) promoted by ProAcústica and the City Council, with the main stakeholders. This process resulted in a law, approved in 2016, that enforces the execution of São Paulo’s Noise Map. Since then, ProAcustica has mapped two different neighbourhoods, aiming to support the City Hall technical staff to kick-off the whole city noise mapping. In addition, the Association has conducted actions to increase society and media awareness. This paper summarizes the main actions and milestones.

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