ProAcustica Handbook: Noise and Vibration Control in Building Installations

Título | ProAcustica Handbook: Noise and Vibration Control in Building Installations

Resumo |  ProAcustica is a nonprofit entity created in 2010 to congregate companies and professionals willing to leverage the development of acoustics in Brazil. Three technical committees (TCs): Environmental Acoustics, Building Acoustics, and Room Acoustics, contribute to the drafting of laws, standards, production of technical content, and integration between different players of the market. By 2021, the Room Acoustics TC incorporated three Working Groups: Special Rooms, Schools and Noise Control and Vibration Control – the last one dedicated to the ProAcustica Handbook: Noise and Vibration Control In Building Installations. The purpose of this publication is to describe the step-by-step measures to implement noise and vibration control strategies in buildings. These strategies are aimed at the particularities of the Brazilian market at the moment and also a way to improve how M/E/P equipment manufacturers, installers, designers, and acoustic consultants approach the subject from the design to the construction. Important technical discussions among participants included: the use of sound pressure versus sound power data for equipment; the sound rating for diffusers, VAVs, and other ductwork devices;  vibration isolation guidelines, among other topics. This paper presents the Handbook structure, relevant discussions, and recommendations to be published as a final document by the end of 2021.

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